Living near the water is good for well-being - Featured Image

Living near the water is good for well-being

Modern life is a busy life and can get pretty hectic. Being close to the water, in particular, helps the mind feel more calm and relaxed. It can instantly boost your mood, embody mindfulness, and increase your sense of wonder. SALT is located only 2 blocks from the beach and offers you an instant and endless connection to the water for self-care. It’s always comforting whether you’re hitting up some perfect waves at dawn, having a swim, or taking a stroll along the sand at dusk. Buy a new condominium for sale in Oceanside at SALT and experience the Southern California beach city life you’ve always wanted, plus modern features with spacious and sophisticated residences and designer finishes. It has the perfect balance of innovation, stimulation, and relaxation. Come on in. The water’s great.