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Local history & conservation: Camp Pendleton Quick Facts

Oceanside, CA, is a city focused on innovation, creativity, and surf culture. It is also adjacent to Camp Pendleton, which has a rich military heritage. At SALT, our team with luxury condominiums for sale in North San Diego County honors the military stationed at Pendleton and thought you would appreciate learning some quick and interesting facts about the base. And Happy Memorial Day to everyone!


In 1973, the San Diego Zoo gifted 14 bison to Camp Pendleton. As of today, approximately 90 bison are aboard the base. Of the two wild conservation herds of bison in California, one is at Camp Pendleton. Camp Pendleton is home to the breeding grounds of several animals, including the Western Snowy Plover and the California Gnatcatcher.

The Camp covers over 125,000 acres and 17 miles of coastline and is one of the last undeveloped expanses of California’s densely populated coast.

The base is named after Major General Joseph Henry Pendleton, a distinguished Marine Corps veteran who commanded all Naval forces during the Santo Domingo expedition of 1916, as well as Pacific tours of duty aboard the USS Dakota and Jupiter.

Facts courtesy of Visit Oceanside.